“Wake up mankind, refuse usury”

on Tuesday, 01 October 2013. Posted in Social Credit

Reflections of Bishop Mathieu Madega Lebouakehan of Gabon

Most Rev. Bishop Mathieu Madega Lebouakehan, Bishop of Mouila and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Port-Gentil, in Gabon, came for the second time to Rougemont to participate in our study session on economic democracy (also known as Social Credit). Enthusiastic as ever, this time he even became the professor for a few lessons, and demonstrated that he mastered the subject very well. Here is what he said on August 30, 2013, at the end of the study session. (Please note that the next study sessions in Rougemont on economic democracy will take place May 7-17, 2014, and August 20-28, 2014.)

A widespread opinion blames the lack of money for poverty, lack of purchasing power, the economic crisis, and so on. To this lack of money, one may also add corruption, mismanagement, and other ailments of the same order.

This lack of money forces so-called "solvent" individuals or nations to borrow loans from banks, which creates in most cases unpayable debts. Large developed nations are also the victims of this system. How much money do all nations owe? The numbers make us feel dizzy. And for a significant amount of individuals the situation is no less worrying.

Let us stop and think for a moment. Physically where is this money owed by nations or people? Nowhere! Can the total amount of cash in circulation in the world and present in bank vaults be enough to pay back all the debts in the world and allow people to live decently?

From what we have learned here, the answer is NO! So where will this money demanded by the bankers from nations and individuals come from? Go figure! National governments cannot answer this question, so they will put on a theatrical performance to mislead their respective populations. However, when decision-makers and political authorities have to become magicians and offer illusory solutions in matters of life and death for the population, they are really blindfolded to reality.

Why is it that Governments of wealthy countries that claim to be the champions of democracy and in a position to teach lessons to other nations, are also crushed under the burden of debts that are mathematically impossible to pay back? Yet, these wealthy nations possess faculties of economics, great schools of management, centers of strategic research, etc. If they really know what they are doing, they therefore knowingly support the present debt-money system and are its accomplices. Dear friends, since we already know this is unjust, let us break the chains of this system of slavery through debts and interest.

We have seen (in Lesson 2) that monkeys in the jungle can seem to be more intelligent than we humans — even though they have no universities and know nothing about our various political and economic systems, do not deal with money or bank loans, and never experience inflation nor deflation — since when they are hungry, they simply go and get bananas in the trees, without using any paper money.

Dear monkeys, please come and teach human beings who are destroying the environment and their fellow citizens that the truth is simple, that God-given wisdom and common sense, the order wished by God in nature, is more profitable than all the false man-made theories that justify the present debt-money system.

To abandon freedom and create our own jail (as we humans do by accepting the chains of the present debt-money system) is the logical conclusion of a mental perversion or muddled brain. This perversion cannot be simply human, it is diabolical. It is more than a structure of sin, it is even the perversion of a structure of sin or, in other words, a double perversion. Wake up, mankind, refuse usury, and you will have a brighter future!

Bishop Mathieu Madega Lebouakehan

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