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on Sunday, 01 May 1955. Posted in Social Credit

SOCIAL CREDIT is a non-party, non-sectarian organ, neither affiliated with nor supporting any political party, Social Credit' or otherwise.

The objective of SOCIAL CREDIT is to place before Canadians vital information relating to economics, politics, and world affairs, and to enunciate the policy of Social Credit.

Social Credit is not “just another political party? or “just a financial scheme'. Mr. L. D. Byrne, a leading authority on Social Credit, and for many years adviser to the Alberta Government, has said:

"The objective of Social Credit is to liberate the individual from the restricting tyranny of human institutions so that he may live a full and abundant life in the free development of his personality, within a society which confers upon him the cumulative benefits of association. Such an objective stems from a concept of Life — or more accurately a philosophy — which recognizes Man as a spiritual being created for a Divine purpose which he should be free to pursue before Almighty God. This concept of Life expressed most perfectly in the teachings of the Christian Gospels — confers upon the personality of every individual a sanctity which precludes the right of any other person sitting in judgment upon him or thwarting the free expression of his personality. (The implication of any individual attempting to dictate and order the life of another so that he is usurping an authority which belongs to Almighty God alone). A society based upon such a concept must be a free association of individuals each deriving the utmost benefits therefrom in terms of freedom to express and develop his personality. In other words, the organization of society must be subordinated to the objective of personal freedom, and from this basic consideration are derived the principles which should govern all social organization.”

It was from the Christian Faith that a society sprung recognizing the dignity, worth and freedom of the individual. Social Credit policy is concerned with the defence of the individual in every sphere, and the exposing and combatting of all policies and groups which would undermine or pervert the great principles and values of Christianity.



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