In Argentina, 50 children die of hunger every day

Written by Thérèse Tardif on Wednesday, 01 January 2003. Posted in Social Credit

A country nicknamed the world's cereal attic
A honest monetary system would solve the problem

Pablo GomezPablo Gomez, age 4, who suffers from malnutrition, rests at Tucuman's children hospital in Argentina.
(Picture from the “La Presse” newspaper)

Because crooks hold in their grasp the power to create and destroy the money of a country, 53% of the 36 million inhabitants of Argentina live in dire poverty. According to reports in the daily papers, 50 children, aside from adults, are dying from hunger every day. And yet, Argentina is a rich country. It was nicknamed the world's cereal attic. The people are dying of hunger in front of mountains of cereals. The reason: the swindlers of finance are forcing this country to export its products to other countries in order to pay its national debt, of which the capital multiplied itself 90 times with the interests. A glaring robbery, easily understood by those who still know how to use their God-given brains.

And do you know what “the powers that be” are offering as a solution to this ignominy? They want us to open the doors of our country to these new paupers to allow them to come to die of hunger here.

Half of the 36 million inhabitants of Argentina are now dying of hunger. Will they be able to be helped by the 7 million inhabitants of the province of Quebec? It is inconceivable! Nevertheless, this is what the daily papers are telling us: “Quebec takes in hundreds of Argentineans,” clamours the Montreal daily “La Presse” of Saturday, November 23rd (2002). Oh, what a brilliant solution! And, of course, these poor Argentineans will be at a loss to find a job in Quebec, to earn a wage; the unemployed are already overabundant. These expatriates will end up on welfare, where the funds are taken from the wallets of charitable Quebecers who already have their share of misery and poverty.

We sympathize greatly with the Argentineans. But according to statistics, the Canadians work the first 6 months of the year only to pay taxes, even before beginning to earn a salary for their own needs and that of their families.

Louis Even so justifiably used to say: “We live in a crazy system, administered by the craziest people.” When crazy people are governing, we can expect to see insensible things happening around us.

In order to most quickly come to the help of these children who are dying of hunger, it is of the utmost urgency for the Argentinean Government to stop all exportations of products outside of Argentina, and to begin to create new money in direct proportion to the value of the cereals and the other products in the country, so this money could be distributed to the Argentineans. Then they would be able to get for themselves this food immediately, which would save their lives.

What is more important: to feed the Argentineans with their own products, and prevent them from dying of hunger, or to sell the Argentinean products to other countries in order to get money to pay for a falsified national debt that is swelled up with dishonest interests? And to top it all, these revenues would serve to increase the Financiers' bank accounts, which would serve no useful purpose whatsoever. Money that sleeps in banks has no useful purpose whatsoever. Stupidity, beyond stupidity! Swindle, beyond swindle committed through the complicity of our governments that are filled with the most ferocious of the mentally sick, and the most unlikely to be cured.

In this new year 2003, may Jesus, Mary and Joseph convert the most hardened hearts, even those of the Financiers, so as to once and for all put a conclusive end to this deceitful war of hunger that is killing children by the millions. May the daily bread, essential for life, be distributed to all through a social dividend.

May the distress call of the children of Argentina commit us all in a war to death against this financial system that is responsible for so many ordeals.

May the year 2003 at last see peace blossom out, with justice and happiness, on this earth that is so rich and so beautiful, and that is created by our God of infinite goodness who gave us all things. Before Him, may all people in the world bow down! Love, honour and praise to Jesus who came into the world to save us all.

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