Canada is rich in real wealth - The Canadians are poor

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Tuesday, 01 January 2002. Posted in Social Credit

The Canadians are poor

I will ask you this question: Is Canada rich? I don't mean the budget of the Federal Government. I am not even talking about money. I am talking about the real wealth that we need to live: food, clothes, shelter, heating, medical care, etc.

Don't we have all of that in Canada? Cannot Canada produce all of this type of wealth? Yes, Canada is a rich country; very rich indeed. It is actually one of the richest countries in the world. There is plenty of almost everything in Canada.

So we, Canadians, live in a rich, very rich country. It is we, Canadians, who are the owners of this very rich country. It is our country, since we are Canadians. Canada is our country. It is ours, and it is rich!

However, if we look at each one of us in particular, we realize that we are poor. There are even Canadians who are very poor, who live below the poverty line. To lack the necessities of life is to be poor. All the unemployed people lack the necessities of life. All the lower-income classes lack the necessities of life.

In a rich country like Canada, there are many, many Canadians who are very poor.

The Canadians are so poor that there are more tenants than owners, more hired people than entrepreneurs, more slums than family homes. And the few owners and entrepreneurs who are left are debt ridden.

Yet, Canadians are the owners of Canada. Canada is rich, but the Canadians are poor. Why?

I will tell you why. Listen to this:

You, Canadians, are the ones who develop Canada. You, all of you, the heirs and workers of Canada.

As you develop the country, the Financiers get it into debt. How?

Well, as you work, the Bankers inscribe the wealth you produce in their ledgers. They inscribe this wealth as their own assets, and as your liabilities, even if you are the real owners of the nation.

All that is produced in Canada is inscribed in the banks' ledgers as liabilities for the Canadians, and as assets for the Bankers.

You produce wealth, and thus you make Canada, your country, richer. This new wealth should be listed in the banks' ledgers as your assets, since you are the ones who made it. However, it is the exact opposite that is taking place. The assets of our country have been listed by the banks in the liabilities column of the national accounts, but at the same time, the banks have also written down the assets of our country in the column of the assets of the banks. The banks have simply stolen all the assets of our country and inscribed them as their own assets, and as liabilities for our country. They have purposely used the wrong column for their own profit and to the detriment of our country. This is the greatest of all possible tricks and swindles.

The Banker lends money to you or to your boss to make products. When he lends money, the Banker says: “I create money. I am the owner of the money I create. I lend you this money so that you will produce real wealth. I get you into debt. This money I lend is my assets and your liabilities. This money is my credit and your debit. To be able to pay me back your loan with the interest, you will have to give me your products. This way, the real wealth you produce becomes mine. Do you realize how I become the owner of all the wealth of the nation, because I create money?”

This is simple, but false, bookkeeping. This is a robbery, a swindle. This is dishonest.

Your work, your wealth, should be inscribed by the financial system as your own credit, your own assets. Then Canadians would be rich. But today's Bankers inscribe the wealth of the Canadians as their own assets, and get the Canadians into debt. This is why Canada is rich, and the Canadians are poor.

The Bankers begin by stealing our credit, and this way, they can steal our goods. This is a rip-off!

Moreover, the Bankers get dividends on this credit stolen from the Canadians.

The Social Crediters want to change this state of affairs, this way of counting wealth.

With Social Credit, dividends on real wealth will go to the citizens instead of to the Bankers.

Is Canada getting richer or poorer? It becomes richer in real wealth. This should translate into dividends to the shareholders of the nation, namely, all the Canadian citizens.

This is the foundation for the Social Credit dividend.

This is a social dividend, given to every citizen, every member of society. Industrial dividends will continue to be given to industrialists, but the Social Credit dividend will be given to all, on top of industrial dividends.

Who will pay for this social dividend?

This social dividend will be financed by society. It will be issued by the Social Credit Office, just like the banking dividends are issued by the banks.

Where will we get the money to finance this dividend?

A dividend is money. Money is a matter of figures, numbers to count and buy real wealth. If there exists some real wealth, there must exist monetary figures to represent it.

If real wealth has increased in the country, there must be a corresponding increase in money, which is a dividend.

So where will they get the dividend? It is a figure that will represent the increase in wealth, in comparison with the previous year.

Let us suppose the real wealth of Canada has increased by one billion dollars. So we need an extra billion dollars in money to represent this new wealth. Where will we get this billion dollars? The Social Credit Office will create it.

How will this dividend be distributed to everyone? You Sir, Madam, and each member of your family, will have your own account at the Social Credit Office. For example, the first day of each month, you will receive a $800 dividend, based on the increase in production in our country. This money will be inscribed in your account, just like interest is inscribed in your bank account.

This is very simple. And what will happen next? Well, you will buy, if you will, the products that are offered for sale in stores.

Some will say that if such a dividend is given, the nation will go bankrupt!

Don't worry. This dividend is issued because there is new production to match it in Canada. So if everybody gets a $800 dividend every month, producers will be able to meet the demand for goods. Who could then go bankrupt? You buy, retailers sell, producers sell, people work. There is no sign of bankruptcy there.

And what about taxes? Taxes have nothing to do with the dividend. A dividend is new money to buy an increase in products. Taxes are the opposite of a dividend, since they reduce our purchasing power. We need more money to match the new production, not less money in our wallets.

Is Canada getting richer? Yes, so Canada yields dividends in products. Social Credit will issue dividends in dollars to represent these dividends in products.

“Where will they get the money” is a question that does not need to be asked when one knows that money is nothing but figures to represent real wealth.

Social Credit is simple and fantastic at the same time, as fantastic as today's progress. We need the Social Credit proposals implemented immediately, because Social Credit will solve all of our financial problems, just as the automobile, radio, and airplanes solved our problems of transportation.

How can we obtain the implementation of Social Credit?

First, be convinced yourself that it is needed. Then, ask for its implementation. Ask our governments with all kinds of petitions, letters, phone calls, delegations, visits, etc.

Does the “Michael” Movement organizes all of these petitions?

The “Michael” Movement does not work like other movements. It presents petitions on behalf of all the population, but it requires the participation of each of its members.

It is the apostles of “Michael” who, with their pressures and work of education in the population, got the Canadian Government to give, in 1952, the old-age pension given to all, without means test nor inquiries. The Social Crediters were the only ones to call for this with no strings attached.

We must repeat our demands until they are fulfilled.

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