Banking control over all nations

on Monday, 01 October 2001. Posted in Banks, Social Credit

For half-a-century, our world has been living in the most complete confusion. More and more, you hear in the media about family tragedies, thefts, drug seizures, suicides, and murders. It is truly a sign of the times, that in hearing this sort of news, we regard these disasters as being quite normal.

In fact, this comes from a profound change in morals. The more materialistic our world, the greater the precedence we give to our body over our soul. In turn, our intemperance eats into our reason. Material things then become our priority, to the detriment of our spiritual welfare. Thus, we find ourselves plunged into the greatest anarchy.

Must we conclude that people in their deepest core prefer money to God? It is, in fact, in the nature of humanity to prefer the Creator to money. If, contrary to our human nature, we give more importance to the material over the spiritual, then why are we willing to live in this confusion? It is because someone wants to impose this confusion upon us, to instate a new world order, and to take everything away from us.

This confusion was planned by the Financiers, with the object of concentrating power into their own hands. To achieve this, they have applied themselves to establishing a false and thieving money system. In 1913, the Government, in connivance with the Financiers, handed over control of the issue of money to the chartered banks. From this time, instead of creating its own money, debt free and interest free, the Government borrowed from the Financiers, and indebted the entire country. The Government bound itself over to paying interest to the Bankers, who create the capital they lend, but not the interest which they claim. So, they claim more money than they issue. Now, the interest on the national debt grows exponentially, from year to year, into a monumental and unpayable debt.

In the private sector, in order to successfully repay their debts, borrowers must necessarily extract that portion of uncreated interest out of the money that is put into circulation by new debtors. This has the effect of causing a scarcity of money in the face of a plethora of goods. At the same time, the debt of interest never ceases to grow.

The Banker can, at anytime, decide to call back previous loans, which will cause a decrease in the money supply. Then enterprises will have no choice but to cut back on, or to stop, their production.

For most people who have already known the misery of dealing with extremities, this false operation of the economy now forces them into unemployment. Finding that they are unable to provide for their needs, they make a false judgement, and blame themselves for this situation. They may even blame God, when it is really the banking system that is at fault. God gives us the freedom to change things. The point is to take a positive attitude by asking the right questions and by informing ourselves about the problem. In fact, everyone prefers God to money, except for some who have not had the chance to take that choice fully into their awareness. Instead of taking time to reflect, they are forever compelled to chase after money to obtain the most essential necessities of life.

By studying the propositions and principles of Social Credit, it would become possible for a clear-minded populace to establish a money system in line with the true facts of the production of goods, and that would take care of a large number of problems, like those mentioned above, and others in addition.

Claude Bourque

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