The three days of darkness

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Three days of darknessThe planned financial crisis which we are currently experiencing could lead to war. If atomic weapons are used in this war, a cataclysm could ensue – one that would destroy life on earth. Among the Virgin Mary’s numerous appearances are those in which She spoke about war as punishment for mankind’s sins, which God will permit. The world today lives as if God did not exist and almost everything has ended up in Satan’s hands. “Satan has succeeded. He has subjected the work of human science and ingenuity to his will, turning everything into a rebellion against God. Most of humanity is in his hands. He has garnered scientists, artists, philosophers, professors, and the wealthy of this world. He uses them to serve his goals: to act without God and against God.” – says Italian visionary Fr. Stefano Gobbi. That is why God must intervene; St. John’s Apocalypse speaks of a cleansing that will leave just a few people left on earth.

First there will be an interior warning and signs in the sky that will call for conversion. Mary said to Fr. Gobbi in 1995, “Tongues of fire will descend on you all, my poor children, so ensnared and fooled by Satan and by all evil spirits, who are experiencing their greatest triumph in these times. Then, you will be enlightened by a Godly light and see yourselves in a mirror of truth and God’s holiness. This will be like the judgement on a smaller scale. The doors of your hearts will be opened to accept the great gift of God’s Mercy.”

After this warning, the world that “God intends to perform a great Miracle,” the Virgin Mary said to Spanish visionary Conchita Gonzales (born in 1949), “If the warning and the miracle do not convert you, the punishment will come.” There will be a time when the world will be cleansed of its sin and of the evil that has taken it over. “Jesus does not want to send down the cleansing to scare us but to help and caution us because we are not heeding Him.”


The Great Cleansing

Three days of darkness will touch the whole world. The Book of Revelation tells us that they are contained in one of the seven bowls which will be poured out on the earth by the angels: “And the fifth emptied his bowl on the throne of the Beast and darkness filled its kingdom” (Apoc. 16:10). Many mystics and visionaries confirmed their coming. The first in history to foretell them was Blessed Anna Maria Taigi – Anna Maria Gianetti (1769-1837), Italian mystic and visionary:

“Impenetrable darkness will descend on the whole world that will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible and the air will be plagued with disease that will primarily but not exclusively, affect the enemies of religion. During this darkness, no method of lighting invented by man will be usable – only candles that have been blessed. Anyone who opens his window or leaves his home out of curiosity will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people ought to stay in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.

All enemies of the Church, those known and those not known, will perish during this universal darkness, except a handful whom God will shortly convert. The air will be full of demons which will manifest in various hideous forms.”

Many mystics had similar visions: Bl. Elizabeth Canori-Mora (1774-1825), Mary of the Crucified Jesus (to whom the Virgin Mary spoke about “the three days of darkness and the destruction of three-quarters of mankind”), Julia Jahenny, St. Sister Faustina Kowalska, St. Father Pio, Blessed Elena Aiello, and Spanish visionary Luz Amapro Cuevas (born in 1931). In 1950, St. Father Pio wrote two letters about the three days of darkness, wherein he advised what we should do during this time:

“Close and seal your windows well. Do not look outside. Light a blessed candle, which will last for many days. Pray the Rosary. Read spiritual books. Perform acts of accepting Spiritual Communion, as well as acts of kindness, which are so essential to us. Pray with arms outstretched or face against the ground in order to save many souls. You cannot go outside so supply yourselves with enough food. The forces of nature will be shaken and a rain of fire will fill people with terror. Have courage! I am with you. (…) Trust in Me and I will be your protection. Your faith will oblige Me to come to your aid. The hour of My return is close! But I will show mercy. (…) The Godless will be destroyed in order for justice to then be born anew.”

Blessed Jacinta Marto (1910-1920), a visionary from Fatima, said that during the great cleansing “everyone who can, should flee from the city.”


Fire from the sky

Fire from the sky often recurs in Marian appearances, visions, and prophesies. It was first revealed in La Salette in 1846: “Fire will cleanse the world.” Later, there were famous prophesies from La Fraudais. Jesus and Mary said in 1878 to Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), “Rain of fire, thunder and flames… will fall on the world (…). The blaze from the sky will be very hot and unbearable, even inside your closed homes.”

A rain of fire has often been connected to war. Many prophecies appeared before the beginning of World War II. But some of them were so terrifying that they could not have been about that particular war. One of them was conveyed by the Virgin Mary to an Italian stigmatist named Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961):

“My heart is sad. So much suffering will come upon the fallen world… God’s Wrath is at hand. Soon the world will suffer great punishments, bloody revolutions, terrifying hurricanes, overflowing rivers, and surging seas… Earth will become the ground for a new and terrible war. Deadly tools of war will kill people and entire nations. The dictators of this world, the representatives of Satan, will demolish Churches and desecrate the Holy Eucharist. They will destroy that which is most precious. In this Godless war, almost everything human hands have built will be destroyed.”

The Virgin Mary added visions of fire to this picture: “Clouds with lightning will fall upon the world and there will be fiery flashes in the sky. A storm of fire will sweep the world.”

In the sixties, a group of Spanish visionaries presented terrifying images of an all-consuming fire: “It will be worse than being surrounded by fire from all sides…” One of the visionaries said: “People threw themselves into the sea but instead of extinguishing the fire burning them; it caused them to burn even more.”

On October 15, 1963, the Catholic periodical Neues Europa from Stuttgart published a so-called diplomatic version of the mystery of Fatima. It was an excerpt of a letter sent from the Vatican to the United States, China, and the Soviet Union in 1963, when the world found itself on the verge of an atomic war. It was sent to caution all those planning such a war. Here is an excerpt from this letter:

The Holy Cross“Fire and smoke will fall from the sky, the oceans will evaporate, spume will hit the sky with a hiss, and everything that stands will fall. Millions, many millions of people will die from one hour to the next, and those who survive will envy the dead. Suffering will cover the world, and every country will suffer misery and annihilation. Look, this time comes steadily closer, misfortune grows, there is no help, the good will die along with the bad, the big with the small, the princes of the Church with the faithful, the rulers of this world with their people, death will reign everywhere. This time will be praised with triumph by misguided people and by the pawns of Satan, who will be the only ruler of the world. It will be a time that no king or emperor, no cardinal or bishop, expects. But it will nevertheless come, according to the will of God, to punish those who must be punished.”

Visions of apocalyptic fire appeared to many stigmatists in the 20th century. The stigmatist Elena Leonardi – a nun under the spiritual care of St. Father Pio – had visions in the years 1973-1983. She heard the Virgin Mary say: “Unexpectedly, fire will come from the sky upon the whole world and a large part of the world’s population will be destroyed. This will be a time of grief for the Godless: screaming and cursing, they will cry for the mountains to cover them. They will search for shelter in tunnels and caves but it will be in vain. (…) Everyone who refuses to convert will perish in a sea of flame!”

She spoke similarly about punishment by fire in 1973 to Sister Agnes Sasagawa (born in 1931) in Her appearances in the Japanese city of Akita [see MICHAEL, #62, March-April, 2011].

The founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, Italian visionary and priest, Stefano Gobbi (born in 1930) heard the Virgin Mary’s words on April 13, 1994: “Fire will fall from the sky and humanity will be cleansed in such a way that it will be ready to receive Jesus, Who will come again in glory.”

Apocalyptic fire will envelop most of the people. The world does not need to be destroyed by a third world war. A Yugoslavian mystic, Julka, had a vision of air on fire: “The whole atmosphere of the earth, from the ground to the sky, was a gigantic fire.”


The nuclear tornado

Many can doubt the visions that speak of the fiery catastrophe that is to strike the whole world but the self-destruction of the earth may also happen from nuclear explosions. Modern science confirms this.

In 1986, during a meeting of the American Physics Society in Washington, Professor Rand McNally introduced his theory of a “nuclear tornado.” It was created based “on mathematical calculations of the results of a series of chain reactions initiated by an exploding atomic bomb.” According to McNally, the explosions of two atomic super-bombs would suffice to create a thermonuclear reaction that would lead to the detonation of the whole atmosphere surrounding the earth. Atmospheric oxygen will be the fuel in this reaction. McNally warned that entire nations will burn up and perhaps even all of the earth. In 1994, he published an article on this matter. Here is an excerpt:

“According to William J. Broad, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer called together a secret meeting at Berkley in 1942 to discuss the A-Bomb project. After introducing the main topic of the meeting, Edward Teller introduced his idea of the possibility of a ‘super H-Bomb.’ He then frightened the others with a warning that this bomb can ignite the atmosphere. Oppenheimer went to Michigan to discuss this with Arthur H. Compton, who said, ‘This could be the ultimate catastrophe.’ Konopinski and Teller wrote a one-page report entitled Ignition of the Atmosphere, which concluded that the safety factor was about 60. Later, after the two A-Bombs were dropped on Japan, Konopinski, Maruin, and Teller concluded in a longer report that the safety factor could have been a mere 2.67!”

Thomas Casaletto, in his book State of Emergency (1987), described the process of a nuclear tornado. One of the main personalities, physicist Alex Carmody, explained a computer-generated simulation of the nuclear explosion:

“A mushroom of enormous proportions appeared and began to grow, and then it exploded, radiating in all directions and expanding more and more. In t [time] plus two seconds, a self-feeding nuclear dynamo began to operate. At this point, the chain reaction was unstoppable. In t plus 5 seconds, it was moving at the speed of one hundred miles per hour. After seven minutes, it reached land. Leningrad, Helsinki, Stockholm, all vanished within t plus twenty-three minutes. Oslo and Moscow were consumed in t plus twenty-five minutes. Eleven minutes later, Paris and London disappeared. Twenty-three million people were already dead but the dynamo was constantly gaining strength. The holocaust reached Canada in t plus sixty minutes. It reached the United States six minutes later. Boston and New York burned up in t plus seventy minutes. The number of victims was already unimaginable. Before t plus one hour and forty-seven minutes, the fire engulfed the entire northern hemisphere. (…)

We hope that at this point, the nuclear reaction will begin to destabilize and will eventually dissipate into the cosmos. However, it is equally probable that the reaction will continue until it engulfs the whole planet.”

One of the prophecies foretells that the punishment will come from earth, from man, and that is the case in the event described here. In this case, God does not punish the people but simply does not intervene. A time of cleansing and suffering seems inevitable today. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla warned Americans in 1976: “Through your and my prayers, it is possible to soften this time of suffering, but it is no longer avoidable.” The Apocalyptic prophecies are however, still conditional. If the world converts, if people start to pray, repent and offer themselves as a sacrifice for the sins of the world – saints who will take this cleansing upon themselves or if something supernatural happens – we can lessen the catastrophe. When the Apocalypse is over, a New Era awaits us: the Era of Grace.

Janusz A. Lewicki

Translation by Pawel Filaber

In writing this article, I used quotes from Wincenty Laszewski’s book, entitled “Koniec swiata wedlug Maryi” (The End of the World according to Mary), published by the “Nasza Przyszlosc” Foundation in 2010.

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