The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano


    Of all Eucharistic Miracles, the one at Lanciano, a little town in Italy, just a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, is undoubtedly the one that is best known. This Miracle took place at the beginning of the 7th Century.


     What follows is a true story: A Basilicatan Monk, very wise on the things of this world but much less wise on the things concerning the Faith, was going through a difficult stage in his perception of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. He prayed constantly to get relief from his doubts; and he was filled with fear of losing his vocation one day. His martyrdom was very painful and he suffered daily from the routine of his vocation. The Divine Providence did not abandon him, because God the Father, through His Infinite Mercy, brought him out of this darkness through the same grace granted to Saint Thomas.


     One morning, during the celebration of Mass, subjected to a great attack of doubts, he began the Consecration before people from a neighbouring village. Suddenly, following the Consecration of the Bread and Wine, what he saw on the Altar caused his hands to tremble. He was dumbfounded, his back towards the faithful, for a moment that seemed an eternity to the parishioners, then, slowly he turned towards the faithful and said to them: “O happy witnesses to whom the Blessed Lord, to refute my incredulity, has deigned to reveal Himself in this Blessed Sacrament and make Himself visible to our eyes. Come and take a look at our God so close to us. Here are the Flesh and the Blood of Jesus Christ, our Beloved.”


     In fact, the Host was transformed into Flesh and the Wine into Blood! The faithful, having witnessed the Miracle, began to cry, begging for forgiveness and mercy. Some of the faithful hit their chests, confessing their sins while declaring themselves unworthy of having witnessed this Miracle; others respectfully kneeled down thanking God for the great Gift that He had just given them. On that day, rumours of the Miracle travelled throughout the village like a fire ablaze in a forest and, just as fast, to the neighbouring villages right up to the Holy See itself.”

Jesus said: “In truth I say to you, the one

who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood,

has Eternal Life, and I shall raise him up

on the last day. The one who eats this Bread

shall Live Eternally.” (John 6, 53-59)


     Undoubtedly, “the Gift” of Lanciano was given for the good Italian Monk, and for the people of the small village and for the people of that era in particular, but also given for the people of all nations of the world and for all the generations to come, because what is most remarkable, is the continuity itself of this Miracle, a Miracle which has remained visible for all people to see for a period of more than 1297 years, without, however, the least use of any product of preservation or chemical substances whatsoever; allowing the Flesh and the Blood to remain fresh, because yes, the Holy Host, transformed into Flesh, and the Wine transformed into Blood, have subsisted completely intact for more than twelve centuries.

The Blood is Real. It is made up of five-unequal clots,

but each clot weighs exactly the weight of the five clots

weighed together, be it 15.85 grams.


    In 1970, 1971, and later in 1981, a scientific investigation was encouraged by the Catholic Church. The illustrious Professor and Doctor, Odoardo Linoli, an Anatomic Professor of Pathologic Histology, and of Chemistry and of Clinical Microscopy and Doctor in Chief for the whole of the hospitals of Arezzo, began a long series of analyses and tests in order to determine the exact nature of the said Miracle. He was assisted by Doctor Ruggero Bertelli, the highly skilled Professor from the Department of Anatomy at the Siena University. The investigations were all carried out with state-of-the-art technological procedures of which observations were widely confirmed by a series of photographs taken with a microscope. The analyses, once completed, gave us the following conclusions:


1.  The blood of the Eucharistic Miracle is real blood and the flesh is real flesh.

The flesh is made up of cardiac-muscle tissues. The way in which this piece of flesh was obtained through dissection from the myocardium supposes an exceptional ability on the part of the “Practitioner.”

3.   The blood type is the same in the flesh and in the blood clots, AB.
(Note: The blood type is identical to the one found by Professor Baima Bollone on the Holy Shroud of Turin). Several minerals were found in the blood: chlorate, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Proteins were found in the same-normal proportions that are found in the sero-proteins of ordinary blood.

  The diagram of this blood corresponds to that of human blood that would have been taken from a human body that very same day. The blood is real. It is made up of five-unequal clots, but each clot    weighs exactly the weight of the five clots weighed together, be it 15.85 grams.

5.  No trace of material or chemical agents was detected in the flesh or in the blood.


The Flesh appeared around the Host. Throughout

the Centuries, the Host disappeared, leaving only

the Flesh, identified by scientists as tissues coming

from muscle of the myocardium. There is no trace

whatsoever of chemical or preserving agents such

as used for mummifying.


     The preservation of the Flesh and the Blood, which were exposed in their natural state, without the least means of whatever form of preserving agents whatsoever, left to the action of atmospheric and biological agents, constitutes an extraordinary phenomenon, scientifically inexplicable, and of which all of the results of analyses constitute an absolute violation of the laws of physics.


     The scientific testimony confirms that which we believe through faith and that which the Catholic Church has been teaching us for 2000 years, thus echoing the Words of Jesus Christ: “In truth I say to you, the one who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood has Eternal Life, and I shall raise him up on the last day. The one who eats this Flesh shall Live Eternally.” (John 6, 53-59)


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