Monsignor Schooyans denounces the New World Order

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Here are excerpts from a book by Michel Schooyans titled "The hidden face of the UN" in which he denounces the drive of the United Nations for a world government and total dictatorship. The translation is from "Michael."

The 20th Century saw dictatorships that subjected entire nations to violence, terror, repression, suspicion, and corruption. One only has to think about the countries that faced the horrors of Communism, Fascism, and Nazism. However, the kind of totalitarianism that the present United Nations wants to impose on a global scale is absolute bondage. This totalitarian ideology kills the capacity to distinguish good from evil.

Human rights inverted

In 1948, the United Nations worked out and ratified the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", which recognized the dignity and primacy of the human person. Today, the UN and some of its agencies behave more and more openly as if they had received a mandate to develop a conception of human rights that is radically different from that expressed in 1948.

According to the UN, man is a fragment of the cosmos, and has no eternal destiny. Man the product of evolution, and his final destiny is death. He is but an individual in search of pleasures, unable to recognize truth.

This is the source of the new "human rights" of the UN. These new rights are no longer recognized and declared; they are rather imposed, and are the expression of the will of the mightiest. Man must revere Mother-Earth, Gaia (the goddess of the earth in Greek mythology), in place of God, his Creator and the Creator of earth.

The International Criminal Court

Under the pressure of some radical feminist and homosexual movements, the competence of the International Criminal Court, created on July 18, 1998, could be extended to "crimes" against the so-called new human rights. For example, to the extent that abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia are recognized as "new rights", the opponents to these rights could be judged and sentenced by the International Criminal Court.


What is meant by secularization is all the groups that militate for the disappearance of all that pertains to God and religion. Freemasonry is one of those organizations that militate in favor of secularization. Almost every member of the UN is a Freemason.

What these secularists want is to silence the Church, because she announces a true message, and because she admits that God revealed Himself through His Divine Son Jesus Christ. Political power wants to rule society and consciences by allowing only religions controlled by the State, like in Communist China.

The UN no longer hides its wish to control consciences. There is, for example, a strange organization, the "United Initiative of Religions", founded by an Episcopalian bishop, William E. Swing, an ardent supporter of the New Age, who wants to start a world religion that would soon forbid the existence of any other religion. It is in the interest of the UN octopus to support this plan, for globalization is not limited to politics or economics; it also concerns the "global soul".

These circles are dreaming of a new global ethics. This theme was developed by Hans Kung, a priest condemned by Rome and by the world parliament of religions. This is the spirit of revolution in its pantheist form.

Concentration of power

Acting on his own, the Secretary General of the United Nations strives to create a world elite where is concentrated, in an unprecedented way, political, economic, military and psychosocial powers. This last power includes the news media, knowledge, know-how, ideology, law, and religion. Under the cover of shared responsibility and durable development, the UN is settling up a super-centralized control of these four factors of power to rule the world and impose itself as the undisputed centre that governs every factor of power.

The pyramid-shaped system of standards adopted by the UN has transformed this organization into a fantastic machine whose role is to control lives, and therefore control individuals, families and States. National States must accept being the satellites of the World State, and be replaced by the head of the "pyramid". This is what the plan for Global Governance is all about.

These new "human rights" promoted by the UN explain the campaign of attacks against the presence of an observer from the Holy See (Vatican) at the UN. They would like to silence the Vatican because its stand is not based on consensus, but on truth. The Church cannot accept that any reference to truth is chased from laws. These pressures against the Church are guided and financed by secularist groups, in order to outlaw from the world community the Church and Christians. These secular circles want the triumph of intolerant agnosticism.

The present UN is doomed

The UN is doomed because it is based on a structure of sin. This UN that rejects the values contained in the Declaration of 1948 has no future. To survive, the UN needs the truth, the truth that the Church offers about man, his divine origin, his destiny – which is eternal bliss. The UN needs the Church and Christians because it needs to be freed from lies and violence. One must stop suppressing the truth. Stop depreciating the family! Stop intruding into the intimacy of couples to "administer" their inalienable right to transmit life! Stop crushing the weakest! Stop limiting the sovereignty of nations! Stop installing a globalization that, controlling the world economy, will control every human being! Stop the insidious construction of a world government that is above every person and nation! Stop imposing to mankind a system of ideological domestication through the control of the media! Stop controlling the world by using a perverted conception of the law!

A senseless war

The Church must proclaim today that a new war has begun: an all-out war against man. A war that wants to first mutilate man, and then destroy him. A war that wants to alienate man from his reason and will, in which his prodigious resemblance to God is expressed. A senseless war where the price of the death of God is the death of man.

This is the privilege and mission of Christians to be watchers and beacons, to show to everyone the way to follow to avoid snares and traps, and above all, to be witnesses of hope.

Msgr. Michel Schooyans

Msgr. Schooyans and globalization

VATICAN CITY, Nov. 29, 2000 (Catholic World News) – Msgr. Michel Schooyans, a noted Belgian political theorist, has expressed serious misgivings about the process of "globalization" as is is seen by the United Nations leadership.

Msgr. Schooyans offered his thoughts to this week's Vatican conference on globalization and the family. He suggested that, in the eyes of UN officials, globalization mean "a concentration of power that has the odor of totalitarianism." The UN, the Belgian professor observed, "thinks that the world in its entirety has more value than the person." He added that according to this view – which he said is heavily influenced by New Age thinking – Christian humanism "has to be abandoned and rejected, in order to exalt a neo-pagan cult of Mother Earth."

Msgr. Schooyans also said that the "Earth Charter" currently be prepared by UN officials offers clear evidence to support his charges. In that document, he reported, the human race is depicted as "a part of a vast universe in the process of evolution," and even marked today by "an unprecedented growth in population that overtaxes economic and social systems." The underlying philosophy of the Charter, he said, sees all religions – but particularly the Catholic Faith as obstacles to progress.

The UN, Msgr. Schooyans concluded, is now aiming to create a new world order over which a "super-government" would preside. This powerful new government would suppress intermediate structures, and seek "more and more centralized control of information, knowledge, technology, human life, health, commerce, politics, and law. "The Church will have no choice but to fight against such a form of globalization."

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