'Hidden Power' Behind World Turmoil

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The following are extracts from a sermon given by a Catholic Priest of New South Wales (Australia), in 1956, on the occasion of the day of special prayer for persecuted Christians in various parts of the world:

The special prayers and devotions to-day are meant to remind us of the dreadful plight of those millions under Communist domination, to urge us to pray that they will persevere to the end, and to warn us that what is their lot today may be ours tomorrow.

Marxists and Financiers

Since the beginning of the present century a hidden power has been working to bring about a World Police State, a State of complete slavery without Church, without Religion, without God. This plan is controlled not, as most people seem to think, from Moscow, but from New York. It was from New York that the Russian Revolution was financed in the first place.

Since then the same planners by means of the United Nations, Unesco, the World Bank, and all their other organizations, and now their demand for world control of Atomic Power, have slowly brought the possibility of World Government and World Slavery nearer and nearer. The Capitalism of the United States and the Communism of Soviet Russia are both being used for one and the same end.

In the mean time, countries like our own are being prepared for this dreadful catastrophe, and they are being prepared in accordance with the rules laid down by Karl Marx. And all Governments, whether Labour or Liberal, follow these rules, because their experts and advisers are all trained in Laski's school for the spread of Socialism, the London School of Economics. Some of these rules are a crippling taxation, the centralization of credit, State ownership of the means of production and distribution, the necessity for full-time employment, and free, secular education for all.

The reason for these rules is to concentrate more and more power in the hands of the government so that it will be easier for the World Planners to take over, while the ordinary individual is so occupied earning his daily bread that he has not the time to realize that his personal freedom is being taken away. And all the time the threat of war is kept over us, because, as pronounced in 1938, by the P.E.P. (Political and Economic Planning), an offshoot of the Fabian Socialists:

"Only during war or under threat of war will countries embark on large scale plannings."


And now the latest technique to be used is Brainwashing. This system, by means of psychiatry, brain-operations, and drugs, one of which is Fluorides in the Water Supply, will dehumanize and de-personalize us, will destroy our will, and will make of us the complete slaves of the Dictators.

The Communist Manual of Instruction and Psychological Warfare states quite plainly for anyone who wishes to read it:

"Shock treatment and surgery must become frequent and accepted. By these means and by the use of drugs, we can alter forever the loyalty of a soldier, or a statesman, or a leader, or we can destroy his mind."

Silence would be Treason

These few words may seem strange for a Sunday morning sermon, but I know you will forgive me because this is the only opportunity I have of telling you the truth. This is the only opportunity I have of warning you about those who really control the destinies of the world. Pope Pius XI said:

"No one dare breathe against the will of those who hold and control money.... Those, very few in number.... are in great part the cause of so much woe."

You will not find these facts in the newspapers because, as Sir Reginald Rowe says, if they dared publish the truth they would immediately be put out of action "by a twist of the credit screw".

I have not the time to elaborate on the points that I have raised, but I hope that I have succeeded in really frightening you into a realization of the terrible danger we are in.

One, though not the only reason why history has taken its present "course" is because the people have been kept ignorant of how their fate was decided by an invisible power behind their elected government.

What Must We Do?

Knowing the situation you will want to do something. And what can be done?

The first thing for all of us is to know and to live our religion better than ever before. This means, as Hamish Fraser, the great English convert from Communism, says, living in strict obedience to the teachings of the Church and in strict obedience to the Ten Commandments. He says the problem today is not a political or economic one, but a spiritual one, and the world will only be saved by a return to religion and to Jesus Christ.

Then, in our own country, we must do all in our power to prevent Governments and Bureaucrats from acquiring more power. We must agitate for the de-centralization of power and for the breaking of the International Monopoly of Credit; and we must keep a constant watch on all our political and industrial leaders. In the international field... we must uphold our Christian traditions and our Christian way of life.

Our task will be a long and difficult one. It is a fight against the "principalities and powers" spoken of by St. Paul; it is a fight against the very demons of Hell.

With Our Credit Changed into Debt

It should be clear that we have virtually no money except that created by the commercial banks as loans to finance production cycles. At least 90% of our money has no physical existence except that of an ink mark in a bank ledger and if we attempted to make any large reduction in the total debt to the commercial banks we would end up with no money at all.

It is our bitter fate that in order to obtain the money to eat today's dinner we must take out a mortgage, and an ever increasing mortgage, on tomorrow's dinner. And we must give this mortgage to the commercial banks whose usurpated function it is to issue this money, which, in fact, becomes a permit to eat.

To continue on with our nightmare, we are told by the orthodox monetary expert that: "Money paid out in the course of producing goods... is substantially enough to buy the product back.".

It can be demonstrated that this is not true and the longer we permit this fallacy to dominate our economic thinking the more certain it is that our democratic way of life will be weakened to the point where it will not be able to ward off the totalitarian darkness that threatens us.

Social Crediters believe that, just as the necessary money for war can always be found by the wrong means of debt creation, so can the necessary money be found for all peacetime development and prosperity by the correct method of credit creation.

William DUSTIN

Finance, Master; Government, Slave

Parliament Powerless

Parliament has long since parted with its authority to issue and control the money for the nation. The foggy sleepy-eyed politicians of the past have been duped. Our poverty in the midst of real wealth — at one time, by reason of no money, at another time by reason of staggering prices — is the product of ignorant politicians; politicians who not only give away the people's inalienable right to control money through their Parliament, but made this power the statutory right of the private banks. The law in now on the side of finance. The people's representatives and their Government now stand as helpless onlookers while the masses of our citizenry dance as the bankers play the tune.

The next time your politician says the banks are at our service, you may laugh and tell him that he, as well as all the others of his financial stripe, are the servants of finance. If he argues, just ask him why the Government was unable to distribute the abundance of the hungry 30's while the hungry had no money to buy. Ask, why Canada's own Finance Minister has not been able to protect his "sound" dollar from becoming half its value in less than a decade, so that now the housewife can bring home half the groceries she used to bring home with the same dollar. If he continues to argue tell him he is just as sleepy-eyed and foggy brained as his predecessors.

Monetary System a Handicap

Today we are faced with a national economic situation that is actually ridiculous; recession alongside inflation, unemployment and at the same time spiraling living costs. It certainly seems that our financial wizards with their sleight of hand manoeuvring have overplayed their hand.

Our greatest handicap and bewildered attitude is public ignorance of the fundamentals of the moth-eaten, outdated, monetary system of ours. This "untouchable" man-made monster that is so zealously guarded by high finance. It is the main contributory cause of people suffering want in the middle of plenty as we so vividly remember during the 30's. If we have not, or are denied the right to earn the almighty dollar, we can either starve, or join the line that leads to the soup kitchens.

War has lately proved a helpful ally to relieve the situation, but even this human sacrifice has proved inadequate except as a temporary resurrection of a system that is long overdue — for a complete overhaul. What our Federal government has attemped to do so far has nothing to do with a permanent solution for this problem. The vain attempts to inject credit money into a national economy that is already in a hopeless morass of private and public debts, are only aggravating a situation that the Federal government has to face up to with a different approach before it is too late.

We can continue to let the politicians fool us. We can continue to shut our eyes to the truth. We can go on with increasing burdens of debt and taxation, or we can go on to a glorious age of genuine prosperity with contentment, peace and freedom — this is the real Social Credit.

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Romeo A. SAVOIE,

Neguac, N.B.

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