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After Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A., had gone onto fluoridation for some years, it did not seem to have produced good results on the health of the population — mental and physical.

Criminality has gone up, and the city reports one felony a day. F. C. Bates, Michigan State Supervisor of Probation, has stated: The volume of criminal work from this court alone is as much as the total criminal work in- ten circuit courts covering twenty-five counties.". The increase in"gross indecency and child molestation" cases is startling.

Apparently, the brains have been affected by fluorine.

Grand Rapids newspapers reported that an unusually large percentage of its elementary school pupils failed to pass in June.

From another city where water has been fluoridated for one year, teachers, report the children are listless, do not study as well as formerly, and suffer from a measure of intestinal troubles.

Dr. Carl Neupert, Wisconsin Health Officer, pioneer fluoridation promoter, recently admitted that premature births are increasing on his State, where-much of the water has been fluoridated at his instigation."

Army doctors in Colorado Springs advise the pregnant wives of Army personnel to drink non-fluoride bottled water to avoid damaging fluorides in the public water supply.

Returning to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. W. B. Protho, Public Health Director of that city, admits an increase in heart disease deaths in the city of 25 per cent after fluoridation started, although the population increase was only 7½ per cent. Before fluoridation, in 1941, 585 persons died of heart disease; in 1949, the number was 1,031 Grand Rapids also reports an increase of 50 per cent in nephritis deaths, as well as a 50 per cent increase in deaths from cerebral hemorrhages.

As regards diabetes, one person out of 17 has diabetes in Grand Rapids, while the national average is only one in 75 persons.

The British Medical Journal published an article in which it is said:

"Fluorine is the identifying element in the fatal "nerve gases" or "madness gases" developed for use in chemical warfare. It is so deadly that one breath of the vapor will cause death in a few minutes; a drop on the skin will kill within 30 minutes; and no clothing, not even rubber, can keep it out.

"The mode of action is based on the linkage between the known electrical nature of nerve impulses, a fact known to science for a century, and the chemical reaction in muscle fibers. Fluorine breaks the cholinesterase trigger, making muscular contraction impossible and so producing paralysis of the breathing and heart muscles."

Fluorine gas is so deadly that when a small

amount escaped from a factory in Donora, Pennsylvania,'19 persons died and numerous others were made seriously ill with lingering effects.

Dr. Charles A. Brush, Director of the Brush Medical Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, states: "Fluorides are protoplasmic poisons. They have never been approved medically, only venturèsome doctors using them. li some acute conditions, fluorides may cause gastric disturbances, hepitis and spontaneous bone fractures. This because of the affinity of fluorine for calcium. All medical men know how important it is that there be no change in the calcium level of the blood.": Dr. Brusch states as some of the harmful toxic

effects of fuorides: 1. Damage to the brain and nerve cells; 2. Harm to the reproductive organs, with the resultant lowering of the birth rate; 3. Affect the thyroid gland and damage the liver; 4. Create a high incidence of bone fractures.

N. B.'- Quotations and facts given here are reproduced from the booklet "Fluoridation Unmasked", by Fanchon Battelle,

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