The Five Stages In A “Fall”

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Bishop Fulton SheenThe Five Stages In A “Fall”

• Neglect of prayer - No soul fell away from GOD without giving up prayer. Prayer is that which establishes contact with DIVINE Power and opens the invisible resources of heaven. However dark the way, when we pray, temptation can never master us.

• Substitution of action for prayer - Most of us, feeling the necessity of doing something for GOD, turn to the solace of activity; instead of going from prayer to action. We neglect the prayer and become busy about many things. We think we are doing GOD’s work, when we are only in motion or being fussy.

• Lukewarmness - Experience proves that religious activity without prayer degenerates into indifference. Some believe one can be too religious, too zealous, or spend too much time in church.

• The satisfaction of material wants, feelings and emotions - The material begins to assert, once the Divine fades in life. Too much leaning to luxury and refinement is an indication of inner poverty of the spirit. When we possess the treasure within, there is no need of those outer treasures that rust consumes, moths eat and thieves break through and steal. When the inner beauty is gone, we need luxuries to clothe our nakedness.

• Human respect - the last fall is human respect, when we deny our faith or are ashamed of it under ridicule or scorn.

From: Characters of the Passion

“Lesson on Faith and Trust”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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