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On September 14, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed an agreement for a proposal called the North American Free Trade Agreement. His promise to the American people was that NAFTA would create more jobs in the United States but in actuality, by 2006, the NAFTA policy cost the United States over a million jobs.

Many people do not realize that the true function of NAFTA has nothing to do with the creation of jobs, but instead it is part of a destructive plan to completely change our form of government into nothing less than a "New World Order", which had been advocated by many of Clinton's predecessors. President George H. W. Bush admitted in many of his presidential speeches to being highly in favor of this idea. The agreements that NAFTA has continued to implement since it's creation in 1993, (these policies are outlined in its lengthy text and are available on the internet, www.nafta.org) is just part of an ongoing project that slowly shifts all power from all the national, state and local government to a regional institution or global tribunal or court. In short, the North American Free Trade Agreement was just another step toward the elimination of our Constitution, sovereignty and freedom. The United States Congress will not have any control over policy, but will have to submit to a regional or global tribunal. The sovereignty of nations is completely compromised in the process of the integration of countries.

The lowest level of integration among the different countries involved, is the removal of each countries separate tariffs and quotas, then to the addition of common external tariffs in which a customs union is then created. The next step is the creation of a universal market where all the goods, services and people of the country are able to move freely. In other words, a borderless union. The development of institutions and economic fusion is then put in place, which naturally brings about the next step, that would be political union or mergers, or the implementation of a North American Union.

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