“We have every reason to be an apostle”

Written by Melvin Sickler on Friday, 01 October 2010. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Here are excerpts from the speech our full-time Pilgrim Melvin Sickler gave to our Congress last September. This year again, Mr. Sickler is the champion for soliciting subscriptions with 4105 subscriptions taken to MICHAEL:

We, as Pilgrims of Saint Michael, are Catholics, practicing Catholics, who have learned to take on our responsibilities to denounce injustice in society and to evangelize the Faith for the salvation of souls. We, the White Berets, are apostles who voluntarily sacrifice ourselves to assure a better future for the families. We are witnesses in the public place who strive to have Christ reign as King in all segments of society. But what does this all mean? What makes us different from other groups? Why can’t we just go to the university to learn about this?

Going among the people doing apostolate work, we find that one of the major problems that people are facing today is a lack of money to live. It is a reality that people are still losing their jobs, that many of these jobs are going overseas, that governments are taking in less revenue, and that the foreclosures on all mortgages are still increasing. In America, large banks are taking over the smaller banks because of so many small-bank failures. This control of the economy has been purposely caused by the One World people, because bankruptcy and the takeover of America is their goal. How many times we have stated that Satan`s major weapon to take over the souls of the people is the debt-money system.

As Social Crediters, we know that we possess a great light; we possess something so valuable that you could not even put a price on it. But are we going to just sit on this light?

Champions of subscriptionsFrom left to right: Mr. Melvin Sickler,  champion for subscriptions (4105) among the full-time Pilgrims; our Directress, Miss Therese Tardif, Anne Marie and Yves Jacques, the champions for subscriptions (2802) among our local apostles

Since I joined the Pilgrims of Saint Michael 35 years ago, I have always tried to be an active member. I understood early that time is precious, that souls need to be evangelized, and that the people needed to be given an economic solution that is in accordance with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. I understood that by being an active apostle, I was working for the glory of God and the love of my neighbor; that it was Jesus Himself that I was serving in the person of my neighbor; that I was helping to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, by working for a better financial system to help all of the peoples of the world.

I also understood that I would commit the serious sin of omission if I did not honestly try to do my part in evangelizing. Yes, this is something to meditate on. With so much grace given to us to be given to others, can we just sit back in our comforts and do nothing?

We have every reason to be an apostle. Some it will say that it is sufficient to just pray. The Financiers cherish this formula: “Only pray! Do not mix religion with politics, with economics; do not bother with economics.” Or to summarize, we could say, “Do not bother with injustice.” There are many pious groups who think like this.

Yes, we have to pray. As Pilgrims of Saint Michael, we always encourage the people to pray, especially the daily Rosary in the home with the family. In fact, one of our major apostolates is the Rosary Crusade where we go to pray with the families to encourage this devotion in the home.

Our founder, Louis Even, always taught his humble Pilgrims to have a strong devotion to the Rosary. And although he is deceased, we still make it a point of honor to say at least a fifteen-decade Rosary every day.

During the reign of Pope Saint Pius V, he asked that all the families and individuals pray the daily Rosary to save Christian Europe from the yoke of Islam. The power of the Rosary brought about the victory of the Battle of Lepanto, but it was still necessary to join action to prayer to obtain this victory.

St. Joan of Arc had prayed to liberate France, and her prayers were granted. But it was still necessary for her to take up arms, to fight the battle, for this to be accomplished.

Louis Even taught us how to be apostles, how to take up the fight to battle for just causes. He once said that we do not do the battle by throwing cotton balls. No, we fight with the truth, with prayer and our sacrifices, consecrating everything we do to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, working for the love of God and our neighbor. No salaries, no positions, no promotions – just pure apostolate with the Rosary in one hand and our leaflets and journals in the other. And what is so beautiful about the Work of “Michael” is that it is a very complete apostolate being we evangelize the Faith and also work for social justice.

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Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler is a remarkable apostle. He does the door-to-door Rosary Crusade all over Canada and the United States to solicit subscriptions to Michael, and hold meetings.

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