How to become a Pilgrim of saint Michael

on Sunday, 16 October 2022. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Everyone can become a member of our association in different ways:

    by sending us your full coordinates: name, phone number, email and residence addresses

    by subscribing to the newspaper Vers Demain

by reciting every day the rosary of Saint Michael with the intention of obtaining a better world, in communion of spirit with and for the intentions of the directors

    by adding the prayer intentions of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael to our own

    by immersing ourselves in the study of Social Credit

    by personally living its ideals as perfectly as possible

    by making this beautiful light known to all and in every way possible:

by doing the Rosary Crusade; take a friend with you and go visit, either your friends and acquaintances, or anyone at random; you can do all the residences one after the other on any street, and you ask them to recite a dozen of the  rosary, on their knees, with you. Then you tell them about the Pilgrims of St. Michael and, if you have any material to distribute, newspaper or flyer of Vers Demain, you leave them a copy.

by distributing free flyers door to door, hand to hand in the public square and at public gatherings. If you have the means, you can have the flyers you like printed or order them from us.

by holding a study group on Economic Democracy at home or elsewhere, consisting of the recitation of a rosary and the reading of one or more articles from our journal

by listening together with friends or neighbours one or the other of Louis Even's many lectures (which you can download from our website)

      by organizing study sessions on Social Credit at the parish or even the diocesan level

 by sending us the names and contact information (including country of residence) and e-mail addresses of your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in our message.

If you can afford the airfare, you can even come to Canada to participate in a seminar on Social Credit as the best way to apply the social doctrine of the Church. Accommodation is totally free for this event.

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  • Jerrilyn L Olson

    20 January 2023 at 20:24 |
    Hi, someone left a copy of the magazine Pilgrims of Saint Michael, Inc.
    The cover had the title:
    Major Apparitions of St. Joseph are this seperate from Michael Journal?
    How do I order this if it is.


  • Eva Jahnke, OFS

    07 January 2023 at 19:51 |
    How does this affect the
    Stock Market


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