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In this page you will find most of the articles published in every back issue of “Michael”. (To see the current issue, click on What's new. To see a list of articles classified by topics, click on Articles.)

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January-February-March, 2007 (# 343)
Message for Lent. Benedict XVI
Real world is after life. Archbishop Collins of Toronto

Message for World Day of Peace. Pope Benedict XVI
The environment and money. Alain Pilote
The scandal of hunger is unacceptable. Pope
Lesson 5: shortage of purchasing power
Same-sex marriages and children
Debate on redefining marriage is not over. Bishops
No human law can overturn that of the Creator. Pope
The virgin birth of Jesus
A phone call to the Federal Reserve
Enslaving humans with microchips

April-May-June, 2007 (# 344)
The sacrament of love. Benedict XVI
Let's answer tne Pope's call. Marie Anne Jacques
Lesson 6: The compensated discount
Our mission in Paraguay. Lucie Parenteau
Lesson 7: Banking control in the USA. Alain Pilote
Those who recognize God. Benedict XVI
The late Mrs. Germaine Girard, of Chicopee, Mass.
What must I do so that my life is not wasted? Pope
The love of neighbour. St. Alphonsus
RFID: Tracking everything everywhere

July-August, 2007 (# 345)
The false peace of the Antichrist
The Apparitions at Fatima in 1917
Pawns in the Game. William Guy Carr
Leo XIII and the St. Michael’s prayer
How old is your Church?
Benedict XVI broadens access to the pre-Vatican II Mass
Immodest fashions. Colleen Hammond
Social Credit is not a political party 
A sound financial system. Louis Even

The late John Lambert, a great apostle. A.M. Jacques
The virtue of hope. St. Alphonsus
The North American Union. P. Marchildon
Some who plot behind closed doors
The New World Order — a history
Msgr. Schooyans denounces the New World Order
The new security control, the microchip
The real owners of money. G.C.M.
Local community exchange systems. Yvon Nantel

September-October, 2007 (# 346)
Pray the Rosary for peace. Benedict XVI
Our International Congress in Rougemont. Th. Tardif
Speeches from the Philippines and the Congo
Demystifying money and its role in society. Bill Daly
Lesson 9: Social Credit and the Social Doctrine of the Church
Social Credit and foreign trade. Louis Even
The fall of Lucifer and victory of St. Michael
The money deception. Anthony Spiteri
Our Lady of America in New York City
The virtue of faith. St. Alphonsus
When faith actually moved mountains

November-December, 2007 (# 347)
Encyclical Spe Salvi of Benedict XVI on Christian hope
Lesson 10: Social Credit and the Social Doctrine of the Church
The North American Union: merger in the making
The testimony of Gloria Polo
The weight of Holy Mass
Cardinal Bertone urges Christians to stand out


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