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The latest issue of “Michael”

Our most recent leaflet

Our books on Social Credit



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The latest issue of “Michael”

The latest issue of the Michael Journal is dated August-September, 2013 (32 pages). Some articles will be put online in the coming weeks,  but to read all of them, we invite you to subscribe to the Michael Journal. (To read ALL the articles of past issues FOR FREE, click on archives.) 

3 To be missionaries of the good news
    Alain Pilote

4 The encyclical Lumen Fidei on faith
    Pope Francis

11 A few questions and principles
    Louis Even

16 The Pope at the WYD in Rio
    Pope Francis

20 A child’s innocence
    April Helenek

23 The Rosary as survival manual
    Fr. Bevil Bramwell, OMI

24 Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires
    Fr. Mieczyslaw Piotrowski, SChr

26 Never say never, a Padre Pio miracle
    Susan Brinkmann

28 Fr. Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine
    Sandro Magister, Marina Corradi

30 “Break the cycle of poverty”
    Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga

31 The Vatican consecrated to St. Michael
    Pope Francis

Our most recent leaflets



Our Lady of Guadalupe

This 8-page leaflet contains the story of the Apparition of Our Lady in 1531 to Juan Diego in Mexico, an explanation of the miraculous picture, the story of the original shrine of Guadalupe in Spain, the homily given by Pope Benedict XVI on Dec. 27, 2010 to protect the unborn, an article on Our Lady of Guadalupe as Patroness of the New Evangelization, and one page on the recently approved apparition of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin in 1859. 



Divine Mercy over the World

This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the message of Jesus to Saint Faustina Kowalska of Poland on Divine Mercy, the testimony of Gloria Polo of Colombia of what she saw after she was declared clinically dead, explanations on the sacrament of penance or confession, and one page on the life of "Little Audrey" Marie Santo of Massachusetts.  


The Holy Mass

This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the Holy Mass given by Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia. Also: 3 pages about the scandal of poverty, and one page on the Messages of Our Lady in Akita, Japan.


Global Control
through the RFID Chip

This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the new Radio Frequency Identification Chip, a speech of Msgr. Schooyans who denounces the New World Order, words of Pope Benedict XVI, a new financial system that respects God's plan for His Creation, how to apply Social Credit locally, etc.  


The corrupt Federal Reserve System

This 8-page leaflet contains an article of Melvin Sickler that explains what is the Federal Reserve, how it issues money as a debt, and why the U.S. Treasury should issue debt-free money instead; plus the history of the banking control in the United States, an interview with a former Swiss banker, how to create a local currency to exchange goods and services, and who are the true owners of money..  



The North American Union

This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the plan of the Security and Prosperity Partnership to merge Canada, the United States and Mexico into one block similar to the European Union, plus articles on those who are behind this move for a new world order, the microchip, the flase peace of the Antichrist through a world government, amd a way out with local currencies.  

See also our other leaflets

Our books on Social Credit

Two new booklets issued for the Eucharistic Congress:


The Social Credit proposals
explained in 10 lessons 

and viewed in the light of the social doctrine of the Church; a study prepared by Alain Pilote on the occasion of the week of study that followed the Congress of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael in Rougemont, September 5-11, 2006. 

The Social Credit idea may raise many questions among our new readers, and one article is certainly not enough to answer all these questions, or to give a clear understanding of the whole concept of Social Credit. Besides, most people simply do not have the time to read long books on the subject. So, here is the solution: the Social Credit proposals explained in 10 lessons, each one being the logical continuation of the previous one.


Sous le Signe de l'AbondanceIn This Age of Plenty

Louis Even's masterpiece

All those who appreciate Louis Even's writings on Social Credit will make it their duty to get this book, a masterpiece of logics and clarity. To the new readers of “Michael”, we strongly recommend this book, which gives, in a simple but brilliant way, the best possible explanations on the new conception of economics that Social Credit represents. You can find on line on this site the complete book (50 chapters plus appendices).

410 pages, 14,5 cm x 21 cm, $20 by mail,
from our Rougemont office


From Debt to Prosperity

The booklet that caused Louis Even
to understand Social Credit

by J. Crate Larkin

It is this booklet that changed the course of the life of Louis Even and made him a Social Crediter in 1934. “It was a great light on my path,” Louis Even said. This 112-page booklet could change your life too! Order it now! The pricfe is $? by mail (Canada and U,S,A,), and $10 international.

To download the PDF version of this book, click here (or on the picture of the cover of the book) (1,2 Mb)

Two booklets on Social Credit by Louis Even

Qu'est-ce que le vrai Crédit SocialThe first booklet, “What Do We Mean By Real Social Credit?”, explains that Social Credit is not a political party, but a series of principles expressed for the first time by engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas in 1918, and that the implementation of these principles would make the social and economic organism effectively reach its proper end, which is the service of human needs. These principles can be implemented by any political party in office, and there is no need of a “Social Credit Party” in power to have them implemented. This booklet is a must for anyone who wants to study Social Credit for the first time, since it contains a very good summary of Social Credit principles (A Primer of Social Credit), and replies to the more widespread objections to this doctrine.

A sound and efficient financial systemThe second booklet, “A Sound And Efficient Financial System”, is for those who have already some notion of Social Credit, but who want to know more about its practicability and technical aspects. It explains Douglas's three basic propositions for a sound financial system, and how they could be implemented: how to achieve a constant equilibrium between prices and purchasing power, how to finance private and public production, the financing of distribution through the social dividend to all, and finally, what would become of taxes in a Social Credit financial system.

Two booklets of 32 pages, 21 x 27 cm
$2.00 each (handling and shipping included)

An exceptional offer: three books on Social Credit
To study the cause of the present financial crisis
And put an end to poverty amidst plenty

It is urgent to start and form study circles in every country of the world to put an end to the present financial crisis and propose a solution that puts the economic and financial systems at the service of the human person. If we don’t take action, we’ll have a world government and the total loss of our freedom. These three books are:

1. The Social Credit proposals explained in 10 Lessons, viewed in the light of the Social Doctrine of the Church (151 pages); a study prepared by Alain Pilote that is used for our seminars on the occasion of the week of study.

2. In This Age of Plenty (410 pages), by Louis Even, a masterpiece of logic and clarity, with over 50 chapters plus appendices.

3. From Debt to Prosperity (112 pages) by J. Crate Larkin. It is this booklet that changed the course of the life of Louis Even and made him a Social Crediter in 1934. "It was a great light on my path," Louis Even said.

Since our first goal is to spread the news and educate the population, we offer for a limited time, a special price for these three books (the prices given include the shipping):

Social Credit in 10 lessons: 8 dollars
In this Age of Plenty: 15 dollars
From Debt to Proserity: 5 dollars

There is also a better deal for those who wish to order in large quantities:

1 set of the three books: 25 dollars
5 sets (of the three books) 100 dollars
10 sets (of the three books) 175 dollars

And we have a very good deal for those who want to organize study circles: 10 copies of Social Credit in 10 Lessons: 50 dollars; and 90 dollars for 20 copies. Send your cheque or money order to our Rougemont office (1110 Principale St., Rougemont, QC J0L 1M0).

New books and DVD available

New Technologies – A hidden danger

RFID chips: Microchips are being imposed on the population for medical purposes, inventory of products, and as a means of guaranteeing the safety of cashless transactions. But we all know that the purpose of this technology is to track every person and item on the planet.

Genetic Engineering: GMO foods are being forced on countries by the World Trade Organization as a means of controlling food through corporations. GMO foods currently flood the market, causing disease and sickness.

Synthetic Biology: Chemical warfare looms on the horizon, with many countries now in control of various biological weapons. Poisons, venoms, and disease are all potential means of causing the destruction of entire nations. (70 pgs.) $7.00 including shipping. DVD (2hrs.) $12.00 including shipping.


Lightning, death, judgement and conversion
New extended edition (2010)

On May 5th, 1995, something extraordinary happened to Dr. Gloria Polo Ortiz, a dentist from Bogota, Colombia. She was taking shelter from a storm with her nephew, when both of them were struck by lightning. What happened to her afterwards was a miracle that led to her conversion and to a life of abandonment to the will of God.

She tells her story in many different countries around the world, and has the approval of her diocese in Bogota, Colombia, and her spiritual director. Her testimony is an inspiration for all of us, and will increase our faith in Christ Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church. (104 pages.) $7.00 including shipping.

Call to learn how you can save with a bulk order (10 books or more) and send your payment made out to: MICHAEL Journal. USA: 1 (888) 858-2163; Canada: 1 (450) 469-2209 – Canada