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This 8-page leaflet contains explanations on the message of Jesus to Saint Faustina Kowalska of Poland on Divine Mercy, the testimony of Gloria Polo of Colombia of what she saw after she was declared clinically dead, explanations on the sacrament of penance or confession, and one page on the life of "Little Audrey" Marie Santo of Massachusetts.


Divine Mercy over the World
Lightning, death, judgement and conversion
Return to the Fount of My Mercy
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
The sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
Indulgences in the Holy Year of Mercy
A Statement of Life in a Culture of Death

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In this special issue of the Michael Journal, you will discover who are the real rulers of the world and how they control us through the monetary system. You will also reallize that crisis are man made and when governments tries to get out of their grip, they wage war against us.

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The money myth exploded

From parable to reality

There is no way we can get out of debt

The Goldsmith Who Became a Banker — A True Story

What is a monster

The happiest population. No interest to pay

Who are the REAL rulers of the world?

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