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There are several ways to contact us. First, you can write to us (either to subscribe, order leaflets or books, or other reasons):

“Michael” Journal
1101, Principale St.
Rougemont, QC
Canada — J0L 1M0

You can also phone us:
Rougemont: (450) 469-2209
Montreal:     (514) 856-5714
Toronto:       (416) (416) 452-6639
U.S.A.:         (413) 665-5052 (phone & fax)
                   (888) 858-2163 (toll free)     

or send us a fax:
(450) 469-2601

or send us an e-mail:
e-mail of the “Michael” Journal


or even better, to actually come and see us, and even attend our meetings in Rougemont!

Rougemont is located 50 km east of Montreal,
on Highway 112, between Marieville and Saint-Césaire


Address for the U.S.A.:
“Michael” Journal
P.O. Box 86
South Deerfield, MA 01373
Phone & fax: (413) 665-5052